Free Buyer Persona Template 

Create Your Buyer Personas

Download the free template and start hyper-targeting your marketing efforts.

Use our how-to guide and customizable template to discover what motivates your consumers’ behavior on a deeper, more authentic level.

A true omnichannel program is built around your unique consumer. They should be driving your strategy — the message, the timing, and the channel. The more you understand them, the more effortless it will become to target them.
Designing your own buyer personas is the first step to understanding what appeals to your ideal customers — allowing you to focus your efforts around the most qualified, desirable leads and attract them with the right message and positioning to accelerate revenue. 
Even if you’ve never created buyer personas, haven’t reevaluated yours recently, or need a more in-depth approach to establishing them in the current marketplace, our free persona template will help. You shouldn’t be marketing the same way you were six months ago. The world has changed — your personas have too! 

With this free template you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what a buyer persona is
  • Identify how you should be using buyer personas
  • Learn how to create a buyer persona
  • See examples of buyer personas
  • Build your own buyer personas
  • Outline your target messaging