Omnichannel Lead Generation and Nurturing Bundle Demo

Exclusive lead generation and automated lead nurturing for a shorter sales cycle.

More of your leads should be exclusive. All of your leads should be nurtured and sales-ready faster. GlynnDevins' omnichannel lead generation and nurturing bundle was built precisely to help.

Assisted Living and Memory Care communities are using this solution to reduce their dependency on shared leads, while also improving the productivity of their sales counselors on all leads thanks to the full set of nurturing campaigns designed to educate and advance each buyer through their journey faster.

In this on-demand demo, you'll learn more about how this unique solution helps:

  • Generate exclusive leads that are the best fit for your community.
  • Automate lead nurturing, regardless of source.
  • Keep sales counselors in the active selling zone with more educated, “sales-ready” leads.
  • Shorten the sales cycle to allow for faster turnaround when units become available.

This on-demand 15 minute demo will give you a high level overview of the solution in action. To schedule a more in-depth demonstration for your community, Contact Us today.

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